• Imagine making a career out of the very thing that changed your life!

  • Imagine having a purpose, a plan and a clear path to prosperity!

  • Imagine being surrounded by like-minded souls and part of a highly conscious community all on the same mission to change the way we eat, think, earn, live and love!

Live the dream...


Becoming a registered Metabolic Mindset Therapist (MMT) is an exciting career path that enables you to catapult your level of contribution to the highest level.  

Nearly 2 decades in the making, this company is the dream and vision of its founder, Deborah Murtagh who has dedicated her life to mind, body and spiritual transformation.  In her desire to build a phenomenal life in all areas, Deborah developed an 'anti-fragile' approach to life, moving forward from some extraordinary life challenges to create the life of her dreams.  Her mission now is simple; to help others do the same.

Deborah believes that by living without any regrets, learning the lessons and by being willing to do 'the work' on ourselves, that it is possible to 'have it all' if we are willing to put into life what we wish to receive from the world.  
Deborah has transformed the world of weight loss and the lives of tens of thousands, through her unique dedication to understanding how food and mindset affect us on all levels and now she is proud to bring to her a life-changing philosophy into an outstanding career opportunity!  


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